“Alaska Filmmakers” began as a web-based program dedicated to highlighting the various talented individuals in Alaska Film Industry. A series for filmmakers, by filmmakers, about filmmakers. Our hosts sat down with local independent filmmakers and productions groups to talk about what inspired them to become involved in the production industry.

Today the AK Filmmakers has grown into a vast social community of creative storytellers from around Alaska, and all over the world. Created by a small group of local artists who have all worked to help develop Alaska’s production infrastructure. Pulling all their resources, each member bring his/her own experiences and unique style to the community.


In January 2011 we began contacting a number of local professionals and production groups to gauge interests in creating the original web series. What started as a small idea quickly gained a lot of attention from local filmmakers and educators in the Alaska community. Soon we had a list of individuals and companies, including the Alaska Film Office and the local Screen Actors Guild representative, interested in being on the program. Out North Theater kindly donated their space for the shoot and each member of the production crew donated their time and equipment to the program. With the help of the SAG representative, Ron Holmstrom, and calling in a few favors, we brought on three different personalities to host the program. Local actors Josh Lowman (The BeeKeepers), Shanette Harper (Murder in the Blood), and new comer Erin Lindsay King rounded out our cast. Final crew positions were filled, shoot dates were set, and we were on our way.



Charlie Sears

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D.K. Johnston